Mittwoch, August 30, 2006

track one: intro

I've finally decided this blog is going to be about music. i wonder why it took me so long to make up my mind, as i've always wanted to do a blog about music anyway.

i find myself 'bubbling' about music all the time, so i find it a good idea to record my thoughts here and keep this like a diary of what influences me.
btw: no, i am not a musician, just a person who loves listening to music. i dont know anything about chords, scales or quints and dissonances. but i am the kind of person who knows who played in which band and when and who collaborated with whom. so this is mainly what this blog is gonna be about. i am also really keen on good lyrics, so interesting once will pop up here every once in a while.

i'll start by copying what i already wrote in my myspace blog and then hopefully get the motivation to post as often as i can, preferably every single day.


Looza hat gesagt…

Hello and Welcome ! and please write I uppercase all the time. :)

hope to bring some visitors to you with my link.

tba. hat gesagt…

thanx for the welcoming greats!
i always write everything in small letters, ya now... ;-)
thanx for linking me!

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