Freitag, April 27, 2007

Little Man Tate @ Roadhouse, Manchester

To celebrate the release of their latest single this must be love, little man tate played a free set in the roadhouse manchester, my new highly favoured venue in this music city on the 29th march. It is a small place, and it was packed.

Little Man Tate are a party band, obviously. The front half of the venue was packed with very small, rather "wide" people with a lack of hair, excitedly moshing right from the very first song on. They celebrated the band very much, even though the singers voice was a bit fucked up ("I sound like a twat", he said throughout the set). But Little Man Tate had been touring the continent before for quite a while. This left the singer with a weak voice, and the whole band with the excitement of "playing back home". Interestingly, my company had seen them live in Berlin a week before and said the gig was totally different. People had been listening rather politely, and the songs sounded quite different. I guess Little Man Tate just belong to a way different league in their home country.
It sucks, but I'll mention their music only quickly: Very good. very catchy rock songs, with loads of melodies.

this must be love

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Anonym hat gesagt…

catchy band!! any other song by them that you could recommend to me?
about my post: i get your point. is just that indie music has a lot of meanings now. from underground music to music done by bands who are in independent labels (saw that on wiki, lol), and it wasn't for everybody, you know, like massively speaking.
and "male singer trying to sing in a high key..." is probably the most interesting definition of indie music i've heard, good one.
looking forward to read your review on the midladke gig.
take care ;)

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