Mittwoch, Dezember 06, 2006

dj me

i made my debut as a dj last night, when the real dj had to go to the loo. i played three songs. one was a tune by dogdy, the second i dont remember, the third one was cigarettes and alcohol by oasis. i jsimply put the records on the player and faded in when the other one was over. i didnt get the chance to use the headphones because i didnt know how they worked. i counted the people that were in the bar afterwards - there were 21 people listening, bar staff not included. nobody danced, but nobody danced anyway. i think it was mighty sucessful. it was great.

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Looza hat gesagt…

oh yeah. would have loved to be there. actually I was intended to be there.
and as far as I know rock-djing is all about selection and fading in and out. so I guess you did well.

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