Donnerstag, Dezember 07, 2006

Excuse me ?

In the past months I listened to alot of 60s and 70s funk/soul/blues with female vocalists and got struck a few times by the lyrics, songs about their husband leaving them for the babysitter or the secretary (?), songs about obviously violent alcoholic men they love (??) but the song that popped up in my playlist just a few moments ago hits the can :

Donna McGhee - "Mr. Blindman"

"Mr. Blindman, you're a blind man, come and talk to me".

Wouldnt it be better to walk over to him ?! I mean, if he is blind ...

However, this also brings me to one of the best/worst musicvideos I know : Lionel Richie- "Hello". Enjoy, especially the crazy end.

Gosh, I need to make a house/brokenbeat-mashup of that track. I got it on vinyl, luckily.


tba. hat gesagt…

haha, i love that video, it' so cheesy. i remember seeing it on telly once and then thinking: okay, l.r. doesnt exist on my musical radar anymore ;)
honestly, how can that girl make a clay figure of him when she is blind and they've never been talking before? and what the fuck does she do with this thing once its finished?

did you know betty davis' "he was a big freak"? check out those lyrics...

Looza hat gesagt…

btw, read somewhere that lionel did not even consider this figure to look like him.

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