Montag, Februar 25, 2008

100ths post!

Margot vs. Leslie

What do these to Ladies have in common? The first one was the first Lady in a small country that shaped my Mom's view of live, the second one is the number-one artist from a great country that, hm, my Mom probably does not know much about.

The first one was how my Mom memorised the second one. I went to the record store with her because I really wanted to give her The Reminder as a present. My Mom asked which record I was looking for and I said "From a singer called Feist". To my very surprise she told me she had heard of that woman already, "isn't she the one from Canada?". "Yes, she is, how did you know?" "Well", my mother said, "I only remembered because Feist is Margot Honeckers maiden name.

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