Montag, Februar 04, 2008

What the world not needs:

Shitty techno remixes!

What could be more exciting than the b-side of a single you just bought? Hopefully it is not an album track, and not a reheated track from years ago. Recently I've seen a lot of remixes of the a-side on the other side of the record. But what could be worse than these oomsta-oomsta-techno remixes which all got the same beat and stretch the voice to make it mickey-mouse-like? This is soo boring. That's fucking with a DJ who pays good money for a song. Is it too much to expect a "decent" b-side? What has worked so well with covers recently is that a lot of people now recognise that what makes a good cover version is a distinction from the original and some imagination in the interpretation of the song. Unfortunately this does not seem to matter for remixes. I actually don't wanna say names, but It's just happened with the vinyl single of Simian Mobile Disco's I Believe. I love this song. I'd love to dance to it in a club. I'd be really excited if I heard a thrilling remix. But I am turned off by uninspired boom boom boom.

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