Samstag, November 18, 2006

george michael

i am not in this picture.

i got into george michael in 1996, when he released his "comeback" album older. let me just write a brief history of his musical life to let you understand who george michael actually is:
george michael started his career as one part of the 80's boy band duo wham, which actually weren't that much "boy band" at all. the guys were friends from school, not a casted ensemble, even back then george michael wrote all songs, instead of having a producer doing this for them. they even had two girls, shirley and pepsi , as background singers and dancers, and they were friends and regular members of the band.
george michael wrote careless whisper all by himself, being only 18 years old, and it's not a kitsch-ladden love song, but an attempt to express failure in a relationship, with one amazing sax solo in it.
then he grew up and went solo, becoming one of the most mega-selling artists of the early nineties with his album faith. its sucessor listen without prejudice seems like a renunciation to the music business, and after this record, george michael had to deal with personal struggles.
older is like him rising from the ashes of his old past, a grown-up, mature george michael with songs that were both loved by the audience and the critics. although i made myself familiar with his complete bio and discography later, songs from older, songs like jesus to a child, star people or spinning the wheel still are the cream of the crop for me.

older is one of the ten records i would take with me, if i had to go and spend the rest of my life on a deserted island (you know these kind of mind-games..). so naturally i would have wanted to see him perform live at one time or another. then he stated he would not tour anymore. then he announced his greatest hits tour. i bought my ticket on the very first day they were sold. i waited for months.

i didn't go. i skipped one of my favourit artists for going abroad to see a friend and go to a concert that consisted of a movie and three songs sung by one band i've only recently started to admire and have already seen live this year.

maybe i just don't like these grand mega shows and rather chose a cosy concert instead. what's the point in seeing george michael when, at no time during the concert, i get the chance to smile at him to make him see how much i enjoy his show?
i do not at all regret missing his show. but i thought i'd let you know i am thinking about it nevertheless.

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Tigerette, c'est moi! hat gesagt…

well, you did right.
remember, you get what you give.

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