Sonntag, November 19, 2006

tribute records

a friend of mine is crazy about pj harvey, in the sense of being highly addicted. he has all her cds, some posters, buttons and t-shirts and a 6 dvd collection of music videos, live performances and tv interviews of her.

but i found something in a shop he definitely doesn't have yet: a wacky tribute cd called little fish (no, it is too old to try to make some extra money by a big fish reference). a tribute to polly jean harvey it says in a very cheapish font on a very cheapish version of some portrait of a lady by pablo picasso. (pj - the jumbled artist?). the whole thing is released by doppelganger records - how many more hints do we need to know about how this is gonna sound like?

but let me give you the track list:
01 back burner dress
02 n. titty down by the water
03 army of half wits c'mon billy
04 stretches of the famous send his love to me
05 johnny bic yuri g
06 p.w. (h)ell rid of me
07 mission statement water
08 dork 50ft queenie
09 lucy sheila na gig
10 vee dry

i haven't been listening to it yet, neither did i open the package and have a look at the booklet. but i am already wondering what there is to expect from a band called dork and what kind of polly doppelganger someone called lucy might me.

well, my friend's coming round on tuesday night and we'll give this record a spin. it had cost one euro, i'm sure it'll be worth every penny. i'll keep you updated!

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