Samstag, November 25, 2006

trip to cologne

last weekend i went to cologne to visit some friends of mine. here's everything music-related that happened to me:

on friday night my friend and i found out that we had missed jimi tenor - who had performed at the stadtgarten cologne on the very same day. i was not sad or so, i had had the opportunity to see him live in berlin, as well. but i like him.

roaming through the streets at night we found a music store selling this:

for whoever might be interested in sounding like eric clapton...

rather nice was to find out there is this bar in cologne:

and to find out you can buy an elvis for your decoration:

well, i also went to a gorgeous party called superconnected in a very nice place, rose club.

my friends also turned me into moloko this weekend, by showing my a video collection and an amazing live dvd.

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Tigerette, c'est moi! hat gesagt…

I like that you liked your trip. Puss och kram, Älskling

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