Sonntag, November 05, 2006

music to read: lost in music

i am currently reading lost in music by giles smith - a british guy who grew up in the 70s and played in some bands but never really became successful. it's an autobiographical story about his various encounters with pop music.

a very funny episode, roughly translated from my mind:

when i was about 14 or 15, in the mid-seventies, my older brother asked me to play in the band he was currently in because they had dropped their keyboarder. after a while we thought about letting our third brother join as well, but realised this would be too weird - we might become a band that only consists of brothers, like the jackson 5. my mom fooled around one morning at the breakfast table, saying we should name our band 'the smiths'. our response was a short laugh, followed by "we don't think there will ever be a band that could be successful with a name like the smiths..."

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