Donnerstag, Oktober 12, 2006

A Link

Yep, I am busy too at the moment, but I do have an exceptionally great link for you :

The Top100 Musicvideos of all Time.

Lots of videos I didn't know about and the best thing is that they have a youtube link to every single entry in the list. Have fun spending some time watching those.

And first place is very well deserved.


tba. hat gesagt…

*rrrrr*, how am i supposed to learn, now that i know about this great link..

however, i miss scream by janet and michael jackson,
and my all-time favourite video, sugar water by cibo matto, shot by michel gondry, is not on the list either.

but i guess you can never be fully satisfied with a list like this one, and number one is definitely well deserved, i agree.

what about this one? ;-)

tba. hat gesagt…

btw, i just remembered, there was this german tv production called 'fantastic voyages'. in seven episodes they showed and analysed music videos fro a sociological and psychological point of view. each episode had a theme, f.e. 'space is the place' or 'fear'.
I've been trying to get hold of a copy, but it seems like it's impossible to find one..

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