Mittwoch, Oktober 11, 2006

sometimes i just cant get my head around this

due to the fact that the university i study at is currently having a lot of fun sending me from secretary to secretary and telling me all sorts of crazy stuff about whether i can take a certain test or not, i have absolutely no time writing anything here. and i am just not capable of thinking about anything than party propaganda, mass media of the 15th century and illocutinary speech acts.

i am very sorry, but there will be nothing going on in this blog for at least two weeks, unless my dear looza writes something (don't feel obliged, i know you are busy, too).

depending on the degree of madness in my brain after these two weeks time i'll go on posting about nice music later or will probably just rant about ringtones being soo much better than real music. let's hope this won't happen..

hopefully, posts about the reception of music as part of a cultural heritage and about klaus renft, one of former gdr's most frequently forbidden musicians, who died very recently, will follow..

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