Mittwoch, Oktober 04, 2006

Mixed Tapes ?

Who still got tapes anyway ?
Well, actually I finally dug out my bag of old tapes while moving and plan to digitalize all the old crap that is still worth listening (like old techno-mixtapes from as far back as 92/93 ... big up to DJ Ten (who sold his tapes for 10 bucks back then ... total ripoff.))

However, to hijack the idea I just want to give you this link to some mixsets (big difference) of mine on

Better grab those mixes while they are up there, there will be a total exchange of mixes there soon (because I can use only 200mb).

I am currently working on some bigger text about sampling. And todays rockmusic compared to old rockmusic. And some rant about indyrock. And whatever falls into my mind when I finally have time again.


tba. hat gesagt…

i just logged in, planning to post this very link, too! youre mixtapes must be promoted ;-)

Looza hat gesagt…

my mixtapes actually must be ... renewed. :D

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