Dienstag, Oktober 03, 2006


this is a mixtape:

and this is mixed tape:


every music lover likes getting them as much as creating some to give away. they are supposed to be mix of favourite artists and songs and some recently dicovered stuff, a broad overview of what you like.

i wanna show you what i listen to on a lazy day, as today was the german national holiday and that meant staying at home. i was 'hedgehogging' today, meaning i didn't go out and didn't talk to anyone on the phone. i rather listened to great music and thought of loved ones today - instead of communicating with them.

this is my mixtape:

01 dj shadow - gdmfsob (unklesounds edit)
02 the ramones - i wanna live
03 the innocence mission - when mac was swimming
04 ian brown - lovebug (acoustic version)
05 midlake - balloon maker
06 unkle - lonely souls (unklesounds edit)
07 flunk - morning star
08 noel gallagher - teotihuacan
09 karen dalton - something's on your mind
10 professor pez - stealin' sneakers (demo)
11 sgt. petter - honky tonk rose
12 madonna vs. ian brown - fear of music
13 blue oyster cult - (don't fear) the reaper
14 the cardigans - lovefool (dance mix)

i shouldn't actually post it here, because mixtapes are there to be given away, and i don't wanna spoil the anticipation. but you receiving this one, you know who you are and i hope you're looking forward to listening to no. 12 ;-)


Tom hat gesagt…

Prima Erläuterungen. So erklärt man Vokabeln! Aber müsste zu dem ersten Foto (mixtape) nicht besser die Unterschrift lauten:

"Misttape" ?

Aber dann hiese es ja:


tba. hat gesagt…

fantastische übersetzung! ich musste das nachschlagen, aber du hast verdammt recht!

Tigerette, c'est moi! hat gesagt…

Oh yes, I know I WILL like it...as soon as I can listen to it...rrraw!

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