Donnerstag, Oktober 05, 2006

my current favourite song: jens lekman - pocketful of money

jens lekman is a solo artist from gothenburg, sweden. being only 25 years old, he has already released a nice amount of albums and compilations. the good thing about him is that he is seeing the whole music business in a very relaxed way: 'If you like my music , please buy my records or download them legally' he writes on his webpage, but he also offers links for free downloads.

this page, however, is worth looking at once in a while, because he keeps on adding thoughts about his music and his life on the road. it's almost like a blog of it's on.

the song that got me into him about two months ago is pocketful of money, to be found on the 2005 compilation oh you're so silent, jens.
starting with finger-snapping and a piano, gently accompanied by bass, this song slowly turns into a hymn with brass and vocals in two voices. it's one of these songs that catch you right when you're listening to it for the first time, and then creates this certain feeling of desire and yearning every time you hear it.

the fastest way for you to listen to it now would be to follow this link.

here are the lyrics:

i got my pockets full of money
i'm gonna spend it all tonight
i got my pockets full of money
i'm gonna spend it all tonight

i hold my salary
i'm gonna set it to flames
on some girl i just met recently
i barely know her name

oh take me some place decent
where we meet up with true friends
where the people are pleasant
where the music never ends
where the music never ends

i can say that you are pretty
that would make me a liar
but you turn my legs to spaghetti
and set my heart on fire

you set my heart on fire
you set my heart on fire
you set my heart on fire

i'll come running with a heart on fire

you set my heart on fire


Tigerette, c'est moi! hat gesagt…

it all sets my heart on fire...

I'm so so so very happy that you like him, and especially this song that means so much to me.

Tom hat gesagt…

Ich hab da mal ne prinzipielle Frage!

Schreibt man im Englischen am Satzanfang nicht auch einen Großbuchstaben? Ist das nur Faulheit?

Bei den Beiträgen von Looza sieht das irgendwie ordentlicher aus?

tba. hat gesagt…

zu frage eins: man schreibt großbuchstaben am satzanfang, bei namen und eigennamen, bei der anrede (Dear Sir), und das kleine wörtchen 'I' ('ich') wird immer großgeschrieben.

zu frage zwo: ja. ich schreib ja hier auch im deutschen alles klein. außerdem mag ich
ze do rock

zu frage drei: pfft, das ist ja wohl geschmackssache. wer kriegt mehr weihnachtsgeschenke dieses jahr? das kind das immer ganz fleißig seinen blog aufräumt!

Tigerette, c'est moi! hat gesagt…

Ja, genau, zeigs ihm! ;-)

Looza hat gesagt…

LOL, sacht mal. :D

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