Dienstag, September 26, 2006

abba - two for the price of one

sometimes it's very hard to pick a favourite song of a band you really like. there just seem to be too many that mean so much.

i was played abba tunes when i was still a little baby and they've been kind of like the first group i ever was fan of. back then i only knew about their greatest hits, but recently i started to explore their back catalogue.

apart from all their gold tracks there is one song that strikes me as highly interesting. it is one that sounds higly un-abba-esque, but in fact isn't. it's just that instead of a catchy melody, this one has a catchy bass-line in the chorus. it's called two for the price of one and can be found on abba's last record the visitors.

as it wasn't released as single or anything i didn't really expect to find a stream of it to put here, but surprisingly i found something even better: this is a video of a life performance of the song from a tv show called Dick Cavett meets ABBA. it looks a bit weird because the sounds doesn't match the audio at all, but it's still obvious that it is two for the price of one that was performed. and visuals is not what counts so much in this case. the lyrics are different from the album versions and the vocals of the abba girls are missing, too. nevertheless, it serves the intended purpose. just start the video, close your eyes or browse to another page while listening to this track, and then wait for the bass-line in the chorus.

there is so much more to abba than just dancing queen...


Tom hat gesagt…

Von wann ist den dieser Titel und die Aufnahmen - gar nicht so richtig typisch für die A...

miguel hat gesagt…

"there is so much more to abba than just dancing queen..."

I like that saying. I've been listening to a couple of Abba songs this afternoon, especially this one, and I think it's amazing that hearing this music after like 10 years I can honestly say: this is actually pretty good, it's not just some randome music my mom used to play when I was a kid!
And I appreciate that ;)

tba. hat gesagt…

hallo tom ;-)
für dich übersetzt ichs sogar mal:
also, das lied selbst findest du in deiner schrankwand, auf der cd 'visitors'. das video hier ist die demo-version, also schon etwas älter und auch vom text her ein bißchen anders als auf der cd. außerdem fehlt das ende des lieds. der auftritt stammt aus der 'Dick Cavett meets ABBA' tv show, über die ich dir leider sonst nichts sagen kann.sehen aber noch ganz schön jung aus, die schweden...

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