Montag, September 11, 2006

and that's where I come in

Hello people, welcome me, I am the new co-author of this blog. I won't reveal yet who I am, maybe tba will wrote more about this later.

Just the facts that are interesting for this blog :

29 years old, spend alot of time listing to music, in the past I had punk/techno/d&b/hiphop-phases, I still listen to alot of musical styles but now my true love belongs to funk/jazz/soul/disco from the 70s, the other thing is house/tech-music that I love to go clubbing to but listen rarely at home (my speakers just dont pack it).

I am doing music for about 15 years myself now, never on a really professional level, but somehow I have to keep doing it to stay sane. Check for some of the music aswell as my myspace-page.

I started DJing a while ago, yet again not really professional, it's just something that I have fun doing, some mixsets are avaiable at

And I am collecting rare and obscure records from eastern europe, an obsession you can take a look at

Gonna make my first contribution to this blog later tonight.


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Tom hat gesagt…

Kaputte Computer kenn ich - aber vielleicht gibt es ja mal abhilfe - wie wärs denn mal mit einer Karte schreiben? Jetzt hör ich schon den Aufschrei - aber heute ist noch nichts gekommen!

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