Mittwoch, September 06, 2006

happy birthday Nina Persson

Today i am celebrating the birthday of my favourite singer, the spectabulous, phantasmagorical, unique and one and only

Nina Persson.

Born on the 6th of september 1974 in swedish jönköping, she joined the band her friends Peter Svensson and Magnus Sveningsson created in 1992. They would soon become successful in sweden with their first album Emmerdale and gain world wide success with the followers Life and First Band On The Moon. i am talking about The Cardigans. i gave my heart to this band in about 1996 and will store them in my heart forever. They are in large parts responsible for my general taste and interest in music and are a constant influence for getting to know other good bands.

Nina Persson is the woman with the most incredible voice ever. one single word from her mouth, spoken or sung, can calm me down, no matter how upset i am.

if you are not familiar with her and the band i suggest you go out and get ALL their records immediately, plus Nina's solo release A Camp and join me in admiring her.

Grattis pa födelsedagen, Nina!


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