Samstag, September 02, 2006

die fantastischen vier @ o2 music flash

>> crappy picture mobiles present:

last night i went to see germany's very first successful hip hop group, die fantastischen vier. the event was promoted by a mobil network company called o2. i knew from previous o2 events that this would be a well-organised concert with the possibility to get guaranteed entrance, nice lanyards to keep as memorabilia, plus the whole thing was free.

die fantastischen vier released their first record, jetzt geht's ab in 1991 and their latest, viel, in 2004. that's why i expected the venue to be quite packed. fortunately the concert was at an outside area, which gave the whole thing a nice festival atmosphere and left enough room for people to stroll around.

i don't own any of the records so i am familiar with their 'hits' only. i ended up knowing about half of the songs they played.

when the concert started i immediately realised, once more, that german lyrics can be quite awkward:

was geht, was geht
ich sag's dir ganz konkret

(i'm not going to translate this... ;-) )

as the concert progressed i enjoyed it more and more and even ended up dancing and screaming. so yeah, i had a time.

in a few days, you'll surely be able to watch a recording of the concert on the o2 webpage, until then check their videos on if you like. i recommend sie ist weg, tag am meer and mfg.

tonight will be roni size doing a dj-set, so check back here tomorrow on this!

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