Donnerstag, September 21, 2006


you can tell by the increasing amount of young people with chaotic hairstyles in the street that popkomm is happening this week.
popkomm is europe's biggest musical fair and is always a good opportunity to go to amazing parties. over the last few years popkomm gave me the opportunity to see people like goldie or the stereo mc's perform live.

you can tell by my current chaotic hairstyle that i've been lying in bed all week, feeling sick, and therefor missed most of the popkomm events.

nevertheless i went and saw peter, björn & john last thursday. it was a really nice evening, the guys did their best to entertain the crowd. the continued playing even when the lights went off and sweat dropping from the artist is usually a very good indication of dedication to music.

tonight i am going to take my tired body and mashed brain to a party called die dumme schweden. this is something i've been looking forward to going to for a long time. it's a nice party with five swedish bands (at least two of them i already know i'm going to like) and a dj-set by a musician who has been ever-so inspiring when it comes to good underground music and older stuff.

but more on that later. i hope i won't have an aspirine hangover!

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Looza hat gesagt…

this is an amazingly great "first sentence". thumbs up.

When I didn't got an heartattack or similar in the next days I will continue to blog here too.

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