Mittwoch, September 13, 2006

moving as a musiclover

I am soon moving to a new flat and apart from the usual stress and problems this involves there are rather specific problems related to music.

Some that fall into my mind :

- I hope I can listen to my music loudly in the new flat. I don't plan to reach "clublevel", but once I lived in a flat where the granny below came ringing the door as soon as I put some music on. Which made me wonder, aren't old people supposed to be generally hearing impaired ?

- I have to pack all my technical stuff properly. Lost a turntable once because it got smashed in the process of moving. Also have to make sure no cables disappear.

- 900 vinyl records are frigging heavy and a pain to pack up.

- yet again there will be a long process of adjusting in the new flat, finding the right place for the speakers, putting everything within reach (my amp doesnt have a remote) and the CDs and Records as close to the PC/Turntable as possible or soon my room will become the mess I tend to cause when I can't reach something or put it back without having to move my legs. I am a lazy dude.

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