Samstag, September 23, 2006

the animal five aka die dummen schweden

wake me up!

That die dummen schweden party on thursday turned out to be just so fine. thanx to the animal five, who are one of the most outstanding live bands i've ever seen. as they were preparing the stage i anticipated what was yet to come, thinking: 'what a funny looking bunch of guys they are!' and it got even better.
the singer martin von inghardt, a very charismatic man, entered the stage just to jump right back into the audience and get the crowd going. throughout the - sadly very short - set he would be the perfect impersonator of a joker, the lonely bachelor on the couch, the stage diver and the impassionate performer. we witnessed him asserting silence among the crowd just to scream even louder. we enjoyed his oversized smiles and his dedication to the band and songs. he even wandered off stage to give me a long hug - unexpected, but yeah, enjoyable.

luckily i purchased their self-titled ep just before the gig, and it has been on constant replay for three days now. not only are their songs highly electrified, they also got perfect song titles like sonic sea, which fits perfectly into this blog as it is a song about - music!

who was the poor fellow who had to leave his workplace during every single song to fix the monitors and microphone stands on stage? the sound technician, honoured with a song called i love myself for hating you. ;-)

their six songs long set left me extraordinarily happy and wanting more. so, instead of coffee, i'd rather listen to the animal five every morning.

i'm wide awake now.

and watch our for live videos of the gig!

the animal five got no record deal outside sweden!help them and buy the record here or here so they can perform in your town and get the change to get the cd released in other countries, as well!

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Uiui, schöner Blog;-) Man merkt richtig, wie sehr sie dich begeistert haben!

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