Sonntag, September 03, 2006

roni size @ maria

one not-so-nonrelevant reason why i moved from boredom to berlin was the idea to be able to see all my favourite artists live. and last night i ticked off another name on my list: roni size. overhearing people i heard it has been ten years since he last came to berlin, so everybody seemed to be quite excited. i went to the venue about half past eleven because the entrance fee would be cheaper up until midnight. however, ten to 12 there was no queue in front of the club, people just walked straight in. my friends were not in sight yet so i decided to wait for them. i just walked up and down the street and when i returned to the club 5 mins later the queue was very long. sort of looked like it was planned that way so people had to pay more.

when i entered the club it was still empty, but the music was awesome. the dj was playing fantastic drum'n'bass and the mc really screamed and shouted.

club was slowly getting full and at 2 o'clock sharp roni size began his dj-set. i was very excited, getting in the mode and danced a little while.

interlude: dancing to drum'n'bass music
when i dance to drum'n'bass music, i have two different ways of moving.
one is jumping around heavily, tossing my legs.
the other one is swaying the hips and upper part of the body.
good drum'n'bass makes me switch between those two,
very good drum'n'bass makes me do both at the same time.

unfortunately i must say that last night i only jumped around. i wasn't satisfied with roni size because he didn't play any of his great hits (which i of course longed to dance to) - except from throwing in parts of brown paper bag once. instead he put on the bassline of the white stripes' seven nation army twice, which made me think he'd been running through his progamme and was starting from the beginning again. sometimes there were long experimental parts and it was impossible to dance, it was merely disturbing sounds.

at the entrance i got a free cd of the dj and mc who performed before roni size appeared, mtc yaw and mc soultrain, which i am listening to right now. i like this stuff much more. last night, mc soultrain seemed like a modern shaman, singing himself and the audience in trance. that's what i realised last night. so even if roni size didnt live up to my expectations i know i should start going to d'n'b parties again. and definitely see goldie and bukem again.


Looza hat gesagt…

go for it. I am too old, after one hour d&b starts to bore me heavily.

I heard some kind of hiphop/minimaltech-clash stuff yesterday, minimaltechno sounds and speed but with broken electro-hiphop beats ... that was a fun half-an-hour in the club. the rest sucked unfortunately.

CircleCircle hat gesagt…

not familiar with roni size, shame he didn't live up to the expectations. But to be at a d'n'b show in berlin....thats the dream. got to add that to my list.

tba. hat gesagt…

you're anticipating something i wanted to write about later: a list of 10 great musical experiences to have in your life. d'n'b is involved in one of them. but about roni size: his records are still extremely fantastic!

Dr. Kovaks Guide To US-Sitcoms hat gesagt…

My last D&B party in Berlin was great. It was in an old, chabby House and in the living room a spanish singer performed cool tunes with her keyboard and pc. Some Spanishs told us that she is a spanish electronic major, can´t remember her name.

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