Mittwoch, September 13, 2006

modern r'n'b confusion

over the last two weeks i spent some days working at a different shop than where i usually am. my colleague there is quite into modern r'n'b music - which i have been neglecting ever since. i had to listen to a justin timberlake record three times in a row without realising this was mr even-hardrock-computer-nerds-love-his-music. i found out when i found the cd lying around some days later and thought: 'okay, maybe this is better than what i had to listen to last time!' apparently, it was the same stuff.

my colleague also had a joy denalane record which i confused with mary j. blige. it is quite a shame i didn't know who was singing, because i thought if there is one r'n'b artist i might like, it's mary. but seeing it the other way round there is hope yet, because it was only ms denalane i had to bare.

highly likely, r'n'b will remain a mystery to me, forever.

note: thanx to looza for updating while my pc was blinde. tune in soon again for other concert reviews and a little story about me visiting an official popkomm party.

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